She plays the role of Sansa Stark in HBO's beloved fantasy drama?Game Of Thrones.
美国有线电视公司的心头肉《权力的游戏》中有一位演员饰演珊莎·史塔克(Sansa Stark),名叫索菲·特纳 (Sophie Turner)。

And Sophie Turner has showcased her devotion for the daredevil character with a new arm tattoo earlier this week, which features an intricate drawing of a dire wolf and the words 'the pack survives'.
本周,索菲·特纳 (Sophie Turner)展现了为角色的热爱——一个新的手臂纹身,上面是一只凶狠的狼,配字“the pack survives”。

The 22-year-old actress' fresh inking - which was posted to tattoo artist Lauren Winzer's?Instagram?account - has left fans convinced that the star is hinting at what is to come in the eighth and final series of the show.?Paying homage to Sansa's late father Ned Stark, the memorable phrase 'the lone wolf dies but the pack survives' was coined by the head of House Stark in the first series.
22岁的特纳刚刺完纹身,图案是纹身师劳伦·温哲(Lauren Winzer)发到Instagram的。粉丝都认为特纳这是在剧透《权力的游戏》第八季,也就是最终季?!皌he lone wolf dies but the pack survives(孤狼死去,群狼存活)”这句话是为了致敬珊莎的父亲艾德·史塔克(Eddard?Stark),第一季中,史塔克家族的头上都刻着这句话。

The Barely Lethal star's detailed tattoo caused speculation amongst keen viewers, who believed the piece represented her family's?longevity as well as their successful fate for the new series - set to premiere in 2019.??Clearly in shock, fans flocked to the image, with one penning: 'omg is this a spoiler?', while another wrote: 'That's a spoiler I think, it's mean all the rest of the Starks will survive.'